My name is Shaila (pronounced Shy-la) and I want to create a culture that is tuned into the wonderment and joy of the body. My business both caters to celebrating events dedicated to delivering memorable experiences to honour your life’s biggest events, milestones or even just to sprinkle connection and excitement to your weekend. I also offer training and workshops in self-care through nourishing and mindful movement workshops.

My story

Growing up in with a mixed heritage of South Asian and Middle East roots, the idea of reconnecting to my cultural identity was always important to me. I discovered belly dance was more than just entertainment,  but a way to transmit this energy that was meant to celebrate and empower others. I want others to feel the same confidence, joy and vibrancy that belly dance brought me.  I have been dancing professionally for a decade and wanted to create authentic ways for others to bond with friends and loved ones through this art form . My performance demo can be viewed here. 

My approach

I am passionate about teaching belly dance to all levels and experiences. I strive to create accessible spaces both physically and emotionally so participants can and feel comfortable in their own skin and activate the joy of movement..  In my teaching I focus on beyond "getting the moves right", but strive in supporting how movement can increase confidence, build community, embrace sensuality and develop new skills.


Beyond Belly Dance - Somatics For Self-Care

My teaching style incorporates an anti-oppressive and trauma  informed lens. I am in my final year of my Masters in Dance program York University, researching how somatic movement and belly dance can be integrated into psycho-therapeutic practices.

I have coupled my experience as a student-development professional to create various self-care workshops and resiliency trainings. My workshops range from creative explorations and as well as more practical ways that movement can support nervous-system regulation as well be a potent form of mindfulness beyond sitting meditation.