Celebrate with with your closest friends through a unique and interactive dance experience. Bring out your inner sparkle while you connect, play and create memories.

Swap out the pink boa for a uniquely and memorable experience designed to bring out your most playful and flirty self designed to entertain even the most skeptical guests. A memorable experience that is sure to help you break the ice, break a sweat and bond with your besties!

- Shaila Khan

The Package



Whether you’re popping champagne in a swanky suite or lounging in your BFFs living room, Belly Dance Bachelorettes will come to you to provide a unique and entertaining dance experience.

Package Includes:

  • Interactive dance session - 60 minute choreography lesson and dance contest

  • Belly Dance performance

  • Prizes and use of scarves and props

  • $350.00 up to 10 participants

  • *$30 for additional guest participation

Upgrade your event with:

  • Additional performance. If you are looking for more show, additional performance with tantalizing props such as fan veils or finger cymbals.  $50

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